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Friday, the 24th of january with the 1st new moon
we organise Zhi neng Qi gong practise this morning, with 
Inner smile and the 2nd method; Body and Mind,
in Meinerswijk, near the waterfront.

We meet at 08.45 at the Klarendalseweg 7
and drive to Meinerswijk,10 minutes from here.From 09.00 -11.30 including tea
with a little break of 7 minutes.
For more information, you can email/call me..

12,00 p.person including transport.

This training is good for beginners in and advanced practitioners in qi gong.
It’s only 10 minutes from here by car.
Thank you!
In Chinese, Zhi Neng Qi Gong rouphly translated:

Universal zhi : wisdom / intelligence
neng : ability, potential, in all aspects.
qi : energy of material and non-
material things( like breath, ether or steam)
gong : to play / work, to experience, discipline

Universal Qi gong is a complete integrated system developed to liberate human energy in all dimensions.
It provides an effective path to take charge of one’s physical health and empowerment of the self.
Universal Qi gong finds its roots in the 4000 year old traditions from people
living in nature, like buddhist, taoist traditions –
integrating them into a whole with the latest understanding of physiology,
psychology and western medicine. 

Through posture, movement, breath and mental focus,
gong offers a method to rediscover the authentic training of body and mind:

qi; the vital and healing resource within us – and to magnify the exchange between
ourselves and nature, enabling us to become harmoniously connected with the
infinite creative power of the universe.
Marianne van Berkel
Zhi Neng Qi Gong in level 1, 2 and 3 at
association Wushu Arts- Energétiques, Paris

If possible, the training sessions will be organized outside, near water or special trees.
Per session of minimum 1,5 hour including 5 participants ; 125,00 euro ex. VAT or btw,
excl. travel expenses. Outside Holland other rates apply.
All year-round we prefer to train outdoors instead of inside; the
body adapts quickly to temperature differences by this simple, solid art of movement.
For more detailed information, you send your questions to our contact page, down below,
Thank you, Marianne

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