Travel Conditions

~ Van Berkel will make it known when the travel sum in full must be paid :
1,5 month before departure of the Active Qi trip.

~ Van Berkel requires a deposit payment, in two times,
which Van Berkel must make known before the agreement is signed.

~ Van Berkel can subject the conclusion of a travel contract to the
condition that the participant take out travel insurance and can request
proof of such insurance before and during the Qi trip in the Gambia.

~ Van Berkel accepts no responsibility for general information in photos,
folders, advertisements, websites and other information carriers,
if these have been drawn up or published by other parties.

~ Van Berkel must provide the legally stipulated information
no later than at the time of formation of the agreement.

~ The participant is responsible for obtaining the necessary additional
information from the applicable authorities, with regard to passports,
vaccinations, medication and additional obligations and to ascertain
in good time before departure whether or not the information previously obtained has changed.

~ The passport must be valid for at least 6 months before
the expiry date on the day of departure of the Active Qi Trip.

~ The identity of the airline providing the transport will be notified
to the participant, no later than at the time the travel documents are
made available. The definitive departure and arrival times for
transport components will be stated in the travel documents.

~ The participant must provide all information regarding him/herself
and the other participants for whom he/she has made a booking which
could be of importance in the conclusion of the contract in good time,
before the agreement is entered into. This must in any event
include his/her mobile telephone number(s), address and email address(es).

~ The participant must indicate any details which could be of importance
to the good realisation of the Active Qi Trip package by Van Berkel regarding
his or her own physical and mental condition, and regarding
the people for whom he/she has made a booking.

If the participant does not comply with his/her obligations to
provide this information, this could result in said participants
being excluded from (further) participation in the travel package.
In such cases, all costs associated with this will be charged to the participant.

~ The contract is realized as a result of acceptance by the participant
of the offer of Van Berkel, including the terms and conditions declared
applicable. After the contract is realized, the participant will receive
confirmation of this, and/or an invoice, as quickly as possible.

~Van Berkel is entitled to terminate the travel agreement within the
period stated in the offer in the event that the number of participants
is smaller than the required minimum number of participants made known prior to the booking.

~ The offer of Van Berkel is free of obligation, and can, if necessary,
be withdrawn by Van Berkel, including after acceptance of the offer
by the participant and, as appropriate, after confirmation by Van Berkel.

~ Withdrawal due to a correction of errors in the calculation of
the travel sum or of other errors is permitted. The withdrawal
must take place as quickly as possible, after the date of acceptance, giving reasons.

~ Manifest errors and/or mistakes are not binding on Van Berkel.
Such errors and mistakes which are or should be recognisable
as such at first sight from the point of view of the participant.

~ Van Berkel can only change the travel agreement as a result
of serious and unforeseen circumstances, which Van
Berkel must notify the participant of immediately.

~ Van Berkel can change an essential point in the travel agreement
as a result of serious and unforeseen circumstances, which
Van Berkel must notify the participant of immediately.

~ Instructions from the instructor Van Berkel should be followed for
the record both in the group and as a visitor of authentic (vulnerable) places in The Gambia

~ Before commencement of the Active Qi trip- travel package,
Van Berkel can increase the travel sum in the context of sudden tax
changes due to the transport costs (including fuel costs) or the taxes and levies owed.

In the event of application of this provision, Van Berkel
will indicate how the increase has been calculated.

In the event of a change to the agreement on an essential point, Van
Berkel will immediately make an alternative equivalent offer to the participant, if possible.

~ Van Berkel will make an utmost effort to lead the participants to the
best of her ability (provided that any instructions are followed eg,: for
example using a shawl (for the legs) or a hat in the villages,
drinking plenty of water, using sunscreen with high factor, taking
medication with the food, not giving additional tips to the driver or others)
and to organize the trip and that it is not liable for any damage that
occurs during the trip, unless the damage is clear from intent or gross negligence of Van Berkel.

~ If the participant refuses to meet his financial obligations, he /
she is payable on the principal interest amounting to
10 % per month for each month or part of a month of delay.

~ Joining in the Active Qi trip c.q. training Zhi Neng Qi Gong is
at your own risk, the participant declares that he / she is in good
health and will indicate any disease, hypersensitivity, allergy, diet
and / or medication, before departure from Holland through the intake prior to the Active Qi trip.

~ Before leaving the Netherlands, two mandatory mornings in atelier
Marğalé B. will take place with a training of 20 minutes in Zhi Neng Qi Gong.
When participating in the training Zhi Neng Qi Gong is van Berkel is not
responsable for any damage; physical; mental or material
that occurs before, during or after the training.
~ The participant is not entitled to a refund in case of cancellation

of the Active Qi Trip. ~ On the Active Qi trip travel agreement
and all obligations will be governed by Dutch law.

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