Adventure Marğalé B.

Immediately upon entry you will feel calm and amazement,
so many things to watch, so much space to choose, items that will suit you!
Bags, hand made sjawls, jewelry, furniture, clothing, etc..
Everything has been carefully designed or chosen
and the place exudes an atmosphere of hospitality.
A visit to Marianne van Berkel and her shop Marğalé B. in Arnhem
is sort of an adventure, forgetting time!
The handmade stool wanted to come with me…..
Worth many more visits……coming back soon!!

Annick van der Staay, Amsterdam

Inspiring Marğalé B.

Atelier -studio Marğalé B. is a
special place on earth where I get my energy from!!

Her beautiful fabrics ; stones ; clothes ; lamps and
unique designs always make me happy.
Every time I take home ‘a must have’ from her atelier to stay inspired!

Rixt Meeuwsen, Arnhem

Expedition Marğalé B.

In this atmospheric, cosmic ‘studio’ in the fashion district of Arnhem you never go
to buy just something, but you’re going to have an experience.
It’s much more than fashion, other items that you’ll find :
designed jewelry, bags, money belts, lamps, precious stones, tables.
I had to get the feather-lamp!
Here are no mass articles but unique things that matter!
which you will never find anywhere else.
Or do you prefer to book a Qi trip to the Gambia or Mallorca… ??
Come on safari with Marğalé B.!
Jack Mensink, Zutphen

Homecoming + Marğalé B.

Hey, what do I see when I look in this window?
Is it a shop, a house or a gallery?
Is this a shop with home made, nice jewelry and shawls
or a studio with bathing suits made to measure
or a living room with a ‘splash-down sofa’?
Yes, ha, you saw it well. It’s all that!
As soon as you step over the threshold, you think:
“I’m going to relax at be comfortable here”
And as the owner and designer Marianne approaches you with her sweet smile,
you find yourself right away in a warm and distant country ,
where people still have time for you.
Because Marianne really takes the time for you!
And all the more if you want a designed and quality
swimsuit because you have “something too much
or too little on the body” for example.
That’s her specialty.
She designs and makes the bathing suit so that you feel reborn and look beautiful.
Just try to get into that studio as soon as possible!
Margalé B., the Klarendalseweg 7 in Arnhem.
Have fun and buy something from there, it will amaze you!

Yvette van der Meer, Eindhoven

Marvel Marğalé B.

Studio Marğalé B. always surprises me !
Everything that Marianne is, is felt in her living room studio:
a fusion of her creativity, spirituality and originality
in the shape of fashion, jewelry, furniture and other curiosa.
She designs and collects with love and decorates her studio artistically.
Surely you’ll leave her place with a happy feeling
and something beautiful in your hand.
You’ll leave this lovely place with difficulty, like I did with some unique bracelets!!
Simone A.T. Kuyt, Laren

8th Margalé B. Qi trip to the Gambia from the 4th – 14 th of November 2016

The challenge of my life: I went for the first time outside of Europe, into the Gambia, West Africa.
From day one I felt in my element, with only smiles on my face!
A very different colourful outdoor life. The warmth of the earth, the sun and the people.

The Rainbow Lodge in the village near the wonderful sea with the vibrant culture of the fishermen in the back.
Goats, cows, chickens in the street. People, bikes, cars in between. This can also be !
Zhi Neng Qi Gong every day in the morning was practiced with the Gambians in a calm way.
For example: near the impressive Baobab trees, the weaver bird-tree at the lodge and the Kachikally pool with the sacred crocodiles.

Result: the Qi of the Gambia through Qi gong exercises have made me more flexible in both mind and body!
I am very grateful for this, my complaints are gone!
And that we could join in spontaneously at lunchtime with a Gambian family of Cay Mane in her compound!

Inside the country: with ‘the rangers’ on their boat we went to their island in the Baboon National Park (Badi Mayo)
in the Gambia river; all together we eat from around a big bowl of Domodah.
So welcoming, such an experience !!
We also saw hippos there, crocodiles, baboons, chimps and rare birds seen.
Women dressed in colorful robes: the fishing village of Gunjur with many beautiful colored boats.
the atmosphere in the markets with a swarm of people: the different families where we were invited several times: the delicious peanuts, bananas and melons, overwhelming experiences!
My heart for the Gambia has been opened and I’m going back!
Thank you Marianne, Sulayman, Jawla, Stoneman and Bibi …. Abaraka bake!

sponsor mevr. P. M. Helmich

Qi Trip to the Gambia 18-29 november 2015

Thanks to Marianne this Gambia trip was a wonderful experience for me. Marianne introduced me to local life of the different people, like the Djola, the Karoninka, the Fula, the Mandinka, the Serrer of the Gambia.
She knows the people from her many travels in The Gambia: through her warmth and persuasive power.
Qi Gong for me as an absolute beginner was highly challenging, at first it seemed hard to come into a “Qi Gong state”.
My efforts were rewarded: the light, the sun, the sea, the wind of the lagoon at Tanji Bird Reserve made me feel so alive:
Qi Gong made me more connected to myself !

Our 3 day trip to Kuntaur : easy living on a small boat with nice, relaxed and competent companions; wild life scenes like hippos, Red colobus monkeys, chimpanees, crocodiles and all sorts of birds. You really can enjoy the fullness of the bush! We spent a wonderful day at Wassu Stone Circle, meeting people like Pa, the stone man and Moro, who are dedicated to preserve the cultural heritage.
The Tie  Dye market in Serekunda with batik fabrics and wall decorations, woodworks, jewelry made by hand. African made, Arts and Crafts, very impressive! In summary I am ‘infected’ with the Gambia virus and will be back very soon!
Thank you, Marianne

Brigitte Kaufmann, Düsseldorf, Germany

Superbe Qi trip

I met Marianne at the lodge in Sanyang, I was surprised at her enthousiasm
about the inside country of the Gambia and the river:
she explained to me about Qi Gong: that it is an universal art of movement,

based on Qi, energy of light :
the unseen energy of the heaven and earth, the wind, the stones and water.
The Gambia as a country has a strong, wordly energy source
and therefore the best place to be for Qi- Gong moving meditation.
Then she told me there is a place inside Gambia, called Wassu circle, which is a magical place with magical light, a spot where several stone circles arise from 3000 thousand years ago, a Unesco site, with stones that keep the Triangle (Pyramid) energy. I felt immediately attracted by the idea of visiting Wassu and joined her group with Gambians.
So we left in a group of 4 people in our car for 3 days and stayed in a nice lodge, at the border of the Gambian river, called Kairoh garden in Kuntaur.
The trip was very intense and interesting.
Not only I was able to know rural Gambia, rice fields and another more authentic world compared to the more touristy beach area, but I could also be initiated in Qi Gong practice in a wonderful, energy-thriving place like Wassu.
After that practise of 2 hours (which felt like only 20 minutes) you feel closer to our Mother Nature,
going into the cosmic feeling and coming back on earth completely rooted, in peace with yourself.
You do not even want to leave Wassu, you just want to stay and go nowhere anymore.
You feel strongly attracted to the simplicity and powerful aura of Wassu stone circles.
I will to be back soon in the Gambia, at this site.

Juan Luiz Ruiz Lobillo, Malaga, Spain

Active Qi trip to the Gambia in december 2015

Yes, I’m happy to say this was Cosmic; this is our Gambia!
We were all able to do the Zhi Neng Qi Gong simple, open exercises well
(I know this already from….) and I felt the energy flowing into my cells…

The holy man Habib Touray helped us in the Qi field
with ZNQG on his mountain top Arafat.

Even Pa Sanyang, the Stoneman himself joint in….
What an experience!

Next time we will stay the night there between the baobabs and the earthpigs
and hopefully we’ll see the pyramid light come from the stones.


Finally, in march I went with a group on a Qi trip to Kuntaur in Wassu near Georgetown.
The boattrip surprised me alot, I saw beautiful birds, monkey’s and big Hippo’s, 3 of them in the river!

All this is also in the Gambia!
Every day we started with Zhi Neng Qi Gong in the morning.
At the Stonecircles in Wassu it made me very happy and connected to the light.
The training gives me more focus: made me open up, feel my inside better
and connected to the earth.

It still gives me more room inside. I felt so secure and safe.
Very nice! I hope to be back there.

Mr. Bubacar Diouff

Qi trip to Wassu march 2015 In march we went with Marianne on a Active Qi trip to visit the Wassu Stone circles. I enjoyed doing Zhi Neng Qi Gong there and felt lots of energy. It is a special place which will stay with me forever…. I certainly recommend this Active Qi trip!

Marijke, Sanyang, the Gambia

In maart 2014 heb ik voor het eerst Gambia bezocht onder leiding van Marianne van Berkel. Iedere ochtend begonnen we met Zhi Neng Qi Gong wat een fijne start van de dag gaf. In de middagen excursies naar Kachikally, markten etc. en zo heb ik een goede indruk van het mooie land, het heerlijke klimaat en de fijne mensen in the Gambia gekregen. Het heeft me overweldigd en niet meer losgelaten. Ik ga zeker weer terug!

G. Bolder, the Netherlands

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