Marğalé B.® since 1990

Templeboutique Marğalé B.
by Marianne van Berkel


Heavenly creations: jewelry, sculptures, bathing’cloth’ , special stuff
            and “down in-to earth” Universal Qi Gong
, personal mix of Chinese Zhi Neng qi gong, Tibetan Buddism and Gambian ritual

2006 -2020  starting the Modekwartier with 3 other designers
tempelboutique; design, art and practice
2006-2012 Certified training in Zhineng Qigong de la Sagesse 
Qi gong institute, Paris.
2014-2017 Active Qi Trips to the Gambia:
training in Universal Qi Gong with european clients
and local people through the Gambia

BOIP nr.: 0486698


Universal Qi Gong 



Video’s of Marğalé B.®

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Marğalé B.®
Klarendalseweg 7
6822 GA Arnhem

thursday, friday
and saturday 13.-17.00