Marğalé B.® since 1990

Heavenly creations: bathingsuits, sculptures and jewelry
and powerful inspiration:

It started with the idea of creating a nest to be able to create, dream and
install a safe place for you to enjoy what you see and what inspires you!

2006 -2012  In 2006 I had the great pleasure to come into this dream house
with an atelier and garden, from 1880…
The neighbourhood was cold and ’empty of art’
It was the start of the art district in Arnhem…
See what has happened since that time, it’s looks much brighter.

To fit in this place, I had to shift gears in 20016 and became
Instructor(2010) in the universal (chinese) arts of movement!
Zhi Neng Qi Gong uplifting health and creativity.
Qi ( say ‘Tchjie’) is the key!

Certified training in Zhineng Qigong de la Sagesse training at
Qi gong institute, Fondation Wushu Arts Energétiques in Paris.

4000 year old Universal (Chinese) Arts of movement

Creator Marğalé B. in jewelry, clothing and paintings.

BOIP nr.: 0486698


Universal Qi Gong 



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Marğalé B.®
Klarendalseweg 7
6822 GA Arnhem

open: thursday, friday
and saturday 12.-17.00